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the bring it on slash community
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LJ used to be a bore
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Nowhere for Bring It On slash fans to congregate
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For me, this point was rather sore
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The lack of slash made me irate

... Yes, I know it's crappy but it gets the point across, sort of. I was so sick of waiting for someone to make a Bring It On slash community that I just did it myself despite my total lack of experience, both in writing cheers and in moderating communities.

This is a place for fans of Bring It On slash and femslash to discuss the movie, their favourite characters and anything slashy they happened to pick up on repeated viewings.

Community Rules:

1. Please use a cut tag if your post is over 100 words (notes in fanfiction count), or is heavy on images. Common sense, people.

2. It will be fantastic to get fanfiction of any length or rating. Be sensible, though- state your pairing, rating and any warnings (rape/non-consensual sex, incest, graphic sex/violence, character death, etc) in your summary.

3. General discussion, fanart, fanfiction, icons, banners and news of any kind are welcome here. Rudeness and bigotry to members are not. If you don't like Bring It On and/or slash, why the crap are you here anyway?
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